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Lush Lash OC Offers a One of a Kind Eyelash Extensions Apprentice Program

Are you interested in being a certified lash artist and want to work with one of the industries most innovative and in high demand eyelash extensions salons?  Lush Lash OC offers one of the first innovative eyelash extensions apprentice programs of its kind.  Get certified and learn all the tools and training required to become an experienced eyelash extension artist while being provided the training and supervision needed to succeed in this service industry.  


Our unique lash artist apprenticeship program offers licensed esthetician and cosmetology professionals, as well as currently enrolled students, the opportunity to master professional lash extension application while working towards joining our Lush Lash team!  At Lush Lash OC, we offer in depth training and continued hands on education to our apprenticeships designed to teach and educate in the art, safety, and application of eyelash extensions.  Our apprentice program enables lash artists to learn all they need to become a certified Lash Artist thru certification with Glam Beauty Academy TM.  and continue the hands on technical training and education thru a supervised 3- 6 month program.  Please find details of our Lash Apprentice Program below:

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Lash Extensions Program Overview: 

Our apprenticeship expands on our lash class instruction course and  focuses on the fundamentals of learning application for classic and then volume lash extensions and their respective techniques. The apprentice program provides an opportunity to hone your newly developed skills and practice continued hands on lash applications, much like during your time in cosmetology or beauty school but with the focus on just performing eyelash extensions, under the guidance and supervision of master lash extension professionals and educators.

While previous experience in lash application is not necessary, you must take part in our eyelash extensions class to be considered for our apprentice program.  


Additional Criteria

  • Be enrolled in a licensed esthetics or cosmetology program or hold a valid license.

  • Able to work with Lush Lash OC as an apprentice at least 10 hours a week.

  • Have current and valid professional or student insurance coverage.


​How do I get this program for FREE?

If you successfully complete your apprenticeship, are hired to join our team as a lash artist, and work for us at least a year, your program cost will be reimbursed to you.


Are all applicants accepted into the program?

​No. We have a rigorous application and interview process to determine who will be accepted to our program. Once you submit your application, we will review and contact you should you be selected to participate.


What will I learn in the program?


You will learn how to safely apply eyelash extensions, how to make them last a long time, how to interact with clients and gain valuable tips, tricks and insights from experienced lash artists working with you.


How do I apply?​

Email us with two paragraphs about yourself and why you are interested in this program. Please attach your resume and a copy of your license or school enrollment.


Are you an experienced and licensed lash artist interested in joining our team as a freelance lash artist?  Email us here with you information, availability, and pertinent details.

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